Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestial Lineage (4.7/10)

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If this is a ‘highly-touted’ submission within the black-metal genre than maybe I just don’t like the genre. That’s a difficult thing for me to say being one of those trite assholes who claims to “like everything”. I did not like this. To be fair, Celestial Lineage is instrumentally sound (guitars, drums, strings, pace, energy, etc.).

But as soon as those squealing vocals splat onto the track, all the appeal plunges off the ledge of a building. It’s admittedly not the fashion of the indiscernible screaming that turns me off as much as the sound of this particular screamer. He’s indigestibly high-pitched and gremlin-y. It sounds akin to a chubby raccoon getting ass-raped by a black bear.

- B

Wolves in the Throne Room


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